Check with the office for a complete and current schedule of fees.

Our monthly rental rates are among the lowest in the area. We keep them low by charging fees for specific events that drive our operating costs up.  We don’t like charging fees and we know you don’t like receiving them. They are pretty easy to avoid – just pay your rent on time, take good care of your unit and if you move out, notify us and leave your unit empty and clean.  See, that wasn’t hard! 

Late Fees 

Your rent payment is DUE on the first day of each and every month. 

If we have not received it by the 1st, it is LATE!  

We do understand that “stuff happens”, so we give you a few days before we get concerned and start taking action.  Here is the usual sequence of events:   

  • Due Date +15:  We assess a $15 late fee and send you a 1st notice and lock you out       
  • Due Date +30:  We assess another $15 late fee, send you a 2nd notice
  • Due Date +45:  We assess another $15 late fee and send you a 3rd notice    
  • Due Date +60:  We assess a Lien Fee of $50, send you a lien notice, and start the process for offering the items in your storage unit for public sale. (We really do NOT like to do this!) Once this happens, we can only accept the full amount due in cash to stop the process.  Checks and partial payments are not accepted on accounts in lien status.

Those late fees are generated by our software system and are preprogrammed.  Our office staff in not empowered to make exceptions.

After doing what we can to reach out to you and convince you to get current with your bill, we set a date for the public sale.  At that point we assess another $150.00 public sale fee – to cover our expenses in advertising and managing the sale, talking to our attorney, research to find out if you have other liens and a host of other things we may do to be sure our public sales are legal and a last resort. ·     

 If the public sale does not raise enough dollars to pay your balance due, we then turn the account over to collections and add in those fees also. 

Returned Mail Fee

It is your responsibility to maintain current contact information with Deer Creek Mini Storage.  Please let us know as soon as possible when you have a change of address, email, phone number, or name.  We are happy to update our records upon your written or emailed request.    

We attempt to stay in contact with our customers by sending out updates via the mail.  When the post office notifies us that an address is no longer valid, we charge the account a $10 fee and start reaching out to you for valid contact information.

We have gone to some extreme lengths to locate lost customers.  We do Google searches. We have called the DMV. We have called the Air Force Base.  We are pretty resourceful at finding people, but we don’t do it for free, so please be proactive and message us when you move!  

Cleaning Fees 

We like to run a clean establishment.  When you move out, we ask that you leave the unit the same way you found it – clean! 

We reserve the right to charge a cleaning and/or damage fee.  

Cleaning fees start at $25 and may be more depending on the nature of the cleanup. Damage fees start at $100 and may be more depending on the nature of the repair.

Special Service Fees ·         

Monthly Invoice $2.00

Replace lost key to Temperature Control Room $5.00

Deer Creek Mini Storage and Purple Moon Properties, LLC. reserve the right to adjust published fees as may be deemed appropriate by management.