Arkansas Resources for Senior Care

Published on 7/19/2021

For aging adults, retirement often comes with the difficult decision to stay at home or move to a senior care facility. While living in your own home provides freedom and privacy, there are medical and financial challenges that come with aging that makes it necessary to move.

Arkansas is home to over 3 million people, and the size of its senior community exceeds the national average at 17.4% of the population. For the 20,000 residents who require nursing services in any given year, over 200 nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities are available, as well as several large health care facilities that feature a broad range of specialties.

This guide covers nursing home care in Arkansas, including its monthly costs, options for financial assistance and local agencies that help individuals evaluate their long-term care options. It also outlines the state-mandated regulations that nursing homes in Arkansas must comply with: