Frequently Asked Questions

Published on 5/16/2021

I'm having problems getting in the gate, what do I do?

  • Are you at the right facility?  Every so often, a new customer will rent at the wrong facility.  For example, you intended to rent in Cabot, but you actually booked your unit in North Little Rock.  If that happens, create an account at the correct facility and rent a unit there.  Then, let us know what happened.  We will close the extra account for you and refund your money from the unit you did not want.  We can usually send the refund on the day you let us know, but it may take as much as 3 days for the credit to show up on your credit card.
  • Make sure your bill is current.  Our software automatically locks out customers who are 30 days late with their payment.  You can log in online to make a payment.
  • Make sure you have bluetooth and location services turned on so your Smart Storage App will work at the gate.

There is a lock on my unit

  • That usually means you are at the wrong building.  Double check your building number.

I can’t make a payment

  • Are you a brand-new customer?  This often happens when you have set up an account, but have not actually rented a unit.  Log into your account and make sure it shows you have selected a unit and completed the rental process.